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Name's Lee Donghae. I'm the fish of the SM group, Super Junior. Born on 15 Oct 1986. I'm also a hedgehog.

i will keep in my heart, even after i die, the fact that I met ELF.

I’m alive!

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Anonymous: Whatever happened to seungah? 

She’s still around. Her and I have been busy.. in RL… unfortuantely.


hedgehoghae holaaa oppa /pokes/

[] I’m not exactly back from my hiatus yet so you have to talk to me on aim or something because its hard using tumblr on the tablet atm

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Until my hiatus is over… imma be on aim ^^

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# [18 more days until i finally move. then i'll be back]

ssvntokk1-deactivated20140513: I miss you already, you poop. ;w; I hope your mun is okay. I send all of my love! 

/laughs. Thanks noona! My mun is doing okay. She knows what day she’s leaving to go to the other side of the country already.

I’m going to be on semi-hiatus/actual hiatus for a while…

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hedgehoghae: Donghae blinked several times as he looked at the girl and bowed. "Hello..." 




{✖} A big smile began to spread on her lips as the male greeted her and bowed as he did “Oh, hello!”


{✖} “How is it a compliment? Is being a shikshin a good thing? I mean I love food but I don’t worship it" she asked tilting her head to one side while looking at him "If one tried to don’t eat like a whale, diets could be avoided" as she kept walking, she put her hands in the pokets of her jacket and puffed her cheeks.

"You don’t have to worship it to be a shikshin. But I’ve seen girls that actually go on diets even when they’re already as thin as a stick." He smiled at her.

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To all roleplayers I roleplay with:

If I didn’t reply:

  • YEP I  missed it.
  • I’m still working on it.

If you ever want to roleplay:

  • Invade my inbox and scream at me.
  • I don’t bite
  • Ask for a starter or just post one and tag me~ 
  • This goes for EVERYONE. If our characters don’t normally interact THEY WILL

Random notes:

  • You is kind.
  • You is smart.
  • You is important.
  • I love you all <3.

And to those I don’t roleplay with:

  • We totally should.

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